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It's all about you

At Aspire Wellness, you're in control of a collaborative health plan that fits your individual needs. We'll blend traditional and non-traditional therapies, each with a special role in your care. When self-care is your priority, Aspire Wellness is your partner. Learn more about our care methods and call for more information.



Whole Body Stretch Client

Physical Therapy Client

I’ve had lower back problems my entire adult life which has, in the last few years, progressed to multiple episodes of severe sciatica and even emergency surgery. In the past 9 months, Michelle has taken me through pain management, recovery, and now to core and whole body strengthening with Pilates for prevention. She listens to what is going on and knows the right questions to ask to come up with an immediate plan. She can switch from Pilates to Physical Therapy to a hybrid of the two as my needs dictate. I am now PAIN FREE and with Michelle’s continued guidance, I’m looking forward to a stronger, healthier future!

I felt comfortable during the appointment and felt understood when I shared the issues I’m having. We came up with a plan for care that I’m looking forward to implementing

I was very happy with the results of my visit. Michelle had a very good balance of friendliness and professionalism.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Find a way to get in and see what they can do to help you regain your strength and health. It’s all in your hands and these folks can show you how to do it. Thank you!

A few months after retiring from the US Army having served 26 years, I had many injuries, along with a host of stresses and strains from several years of wear and tear. I was having back spasms and tremendous pain which resulted in a few days of bed rest. My neck, back, shoulder and hips were out of place and I was in daily pain from plantar fasciitis. Michelle listened to my health concerns and recommended a plan forward to ensure my health goals were met. She asked many questions trying to get to the core issue/issues and address each of them. She made recommendations based on her knowledge and expertise, while addressing my individual concerns. 


      Michelle differs from other physical therapists I have worked with over the years, in that she incorporates Pilates. She first demonstrates how to complete the exercise and stays with you through the entire session, ensuring each exercise is completed correctly while monitoring performance. This is very effective because after an adjustment, Michelle uses exercises to stabilize those areas and strengthen them. She has a true working knowledge of the body, and the issues that many of us are facing throughout our lives. 

      After two months, she has effectively gotten me to a position where I am in much less pain than when I initially started her program. Michelle is very knowledgeable in all aspects of treatment, along with supplements she feels should be incorporated. I completely trust that Michelle has my health as her top priority, and that she will do anything within her power to ensure that I meet my personal health goals. Michelle has the knowledge, skills and abilities, to ensure everyone who walks through her door makes substantial progress.

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